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We love boring software

“Boring software” is very often the driver for success in great companies…
Software that optimizes flows, reduces tedious work and eliminates human errors.

And we just love building that software…

Pilots - Making software to Pilots

10+ years of experience building great solutions for both airlines and app solutions for General Aviation.

We are pilots, we fly planes and love it – so we build it for ourselves…

International virtual office

The Covid-19 period taught us to work much more virtual. So we decided to only work virtually and not waste cost facilitating office space, heating etc..

It has been a great solution. And the best part is that we can reduce our cost and thus be able to offer our customers a very optimized pricing. You will pay for development and not pay for fancy offices, designer furniture and global travels.

We can naturally visit you – but we always suggest a virtual meeting first. This will save both your and our time and will also save the environment the unnecessary travel.

In the end we know this will give you a much more transparent service and product where focus is the delivery of your requested functions.


Products and Services


SelcaSoft is specialized in building software solutions many people don’t find very interesting. Software either creating rationalization or optimization of business processes. The great benefit is to either do the same with less cost – or produce more at the same effort. And as a side bonus with a massive reduction in errors.

Our solutions have been used in many great companies and industries – such as Aviation, Army, Construction, Marine, Oil & Gas and many more. We have built specialized solutions to pilots, elevator inspectors, oil pipeline inspections, drop safety auditors and much more. And when people visit the world-famous amusement park Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen all amusements are inspected and audited with the SelcaSoft inspection and reporting solution called ProApp.


ProApp is a mobility platform allowing a field agent to collect data for inspections and quickly create an evaluation report for the client. The amusement park inspectors from Force Technology use the ProApp to setup the Governmentally controlled inspection routines and then use these checklists in the field to create an instant evaluation of everything from a balloon trampoline for private hire to the highest amusement in Tivoli Gardens.

The ProApp solution consist of a mobile app that connects to a web administration. It is possible to facilitate for small companies to large enterprise solutions where both hosting and branding can be changed. Please consult us for more information.

How we build software

We don’t believe in fixed priced waterfall projects. That has proven to both give customers a solution not fully meeting demand – and at a too high cost. Building fixed priced software requires a very fixed set of acceptance criteria and a high overhead on the estimate to secure a buffer to the unforeseen work.

We give you the power of the development priorities. We normally give an estimate to a smaller project based on good experience with an expected buffer of 15-25% to reach the goal. For larger projects we suggest an estimation process so we can limit the buffer to 10-15% for the final product. However, estimates are never fixed cost as you will be part of the business prioritizations that almost always changes in the duration of the project.

This is a great way to work. It secures you agility when your business strategy changes in the process and will without doubt give you the best price possible.

Evaluating your requirements and the expected solution. We need to understand what your burning platform is to be able to suggest the best solution. One size never fits all in complex solutions.

Converting your requirements to work orders for the development teams and build estimates so you can evaluate cost. We never offers a fixed price as that will a require large buffering overhead.

We build or setup your solution as an agile process. This secures you are in control in every step of the way. Working in sprints with continuous testing deliveries allows you to alter the path, extend or stop the development.


Final testing and validation are done as an iterative process. The final product often varies from the initial idea – a great benefit of agile development where you as a customer can influence the priorities all the way. This makes final testing much easier.


Solutions can be supported in SelcaSoft. It allows you to improve the solution giving your staff or clients a better platform. Very relevant for solutions built to meet specific business processes and to secure solidity when environments change.