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About Selcasoft 

The vision of Selcasoft is to deliver software solutions to highly specialized industries that will help rationalize and create effectiveness in business processes. Our focus is the sometimes forgotten processes “behind the curtain” that is not always getting the credit it deserves.

We have a team of highly specialized staff where aviation is a great interest. Selcasoft purchased the software and solutions from Cometpeople who in more than a decade has delivered solutions and products to both Aviation, Army, Construction, Auditing and much more. Selcasoft is proudly following in these footsteps.

We believe the best people are never “living around the corner”. We have our headquarter in Copenhagen Denmark, but our staff is selected based on skills and not by where they live. This makes our office all virtual with people joining from all over the world.

This has many benefits, and one is the reduced cost – we don’t have a fancy office with expensive designer furniture and when we eat lunch it is in our own homes. You can expect the same service – but at a much better price than many other software development companies.

Our management team 

Our management team is a strong combination of skills but with a common passion for Aviation. This is why Selcasoft has had a tight connection to aviation and digitalization of the industry over many years. Having a focus on flying enables both our management and the company to understand other demanding industries requirements – not as specialists, but knowing to always be quality focused.

CEO & Head of Sales

Alf Doej

Alf has developed software 20+ years with continuous focus on creating innovative solutions for specialized industries.

He has an MBA from CBS, Denmark with a Network Engineering background. He is stationed in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Alf has been a pilot since 1993 and owns a private sport aircraft for leisure flying.

CTO & Lead Software Architect

Michael Bojsen

Michael is a highly skilled software developer with 15+ years of experience building complex solutions.

He has a Master of Software Engineering from DTU, Denmark with a Project Management and Consulting background. He is stationed in Frankfurt, Germany.

Michael has been a pilot since 2007 and frequently flies both twin engine and at instrument conditions.



COO & Program Manager

Maria Salomonsen

Maria is a strong management profile with 10+ years of working in demanding industries.

She has a Master of Arts from SDU. Before earning her Master’s she worked as a professional helicopter pilot and flight instructor for several years. She is stationed in Odense, Denmark.

Maria has been a helicopter pilot since 2012 and a Flight Instructor since 2014.


Our Development Team is based in several locations in the world. We have a strong permanent team and also associated temporary staff we can call to action when a special requirement is needed.

This allows us to leverage a good split of cost securing we can deliver your solutions with a minimum of buffer. This will make the best optimized solution for your business.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at or at +45 5353 1003